What makes my wedding planning special?

It's simple: you only pay for the information and support you need from me!

  Complete & partial planning
  • You prefer to take the wedding planning into your own hands but would like support in one or two areas?
  • or you prefer to sit back, relax and enjoy the preparation without stress?

    Planning overview
  • Is something missing? Just ask - I'll look at the final wedding planning and daily schedule and revise if necessary.

  • Do you attach great importance to perfectly coordinated decoration?
  • I'll create a mood board and decoration concept with you together

  • You have obtained quotes and realize: the prices are completely different from what you had imagined and need help with budget planning?

    Provider and Location Search
  • You haven't found the right service provider yet or you don't know where to start your search?
  • I have a large network of service providers from all over Switzerland
  • Are you planning a wedding for just the two of you or with your closest family?
  • Elopements have become increasingly popular since corona. A moment just for the two of you! Whether you want to say "I do" on a sandy beach or in the mountains, I will organize an unforgettable experience for you.

       OH YES here I am!

I have been working in the wedding industry for 10 years and have built up a large network over this time with my open and communicative manner.
together with numerous service providers in the Fricktal, Basel and Dreiländereck area, I have built up the wedding community "Heiraten im Dreiländereck". With my many years of experience, I know exactly what is important in wedding planning and create a planning concept perfectly tailored to your ideas and wishes.

Service provider package

I will put together a list of service providers in the area and take care of contacting them, requesting appointments, booking appointments, etc. for you.
What do you have to do?

Just say YES.

Location package

What is important when looking for a location?
Which locations can I find locally?
I'll show you the best locations and take care of booking requests, appointments and organization.
What do you have to do?

Just say YES.


Decoration Concept

During our bridal couple meeting we will clarify any wishes and ideas for your wedding decorations and based on your ideas I will create a mood board, this will help you to visualize your dream wedding better.

DeCoration service

After our bridal couple meeting, I will create a customized offer for you. I will take care of the decorations and make sure that every last detail is perfectly coordinated.

Rent a wedding arch

A wedding arch rounds off the decoration perfectly for the wedding ceremony. It can also be perfectly staged in the location or as a photobooth backdrop.

  • Wedding arch & chair decoration with macrame
    - the greatest boho vibes 
  • Wedding arch with white cloth & optional floral decoration

  • Natascha Burger Photography
  • Fotostudio Möhlin

Budget planning

The prices of your requests for quotations are different from what you imagined - how do I even know if the prices are reasonable or too high? This topic is huge and there are a few points to consider. I'll explain what's behind the prices! Or did you know that if you pay a service provider who has not registered their activity, you are liable to prosecution?

I am at your side with advice and show you ways to save costs.

I like to say to bridal couples: "look at it like a tax consultant": it costs a contribution, but the savings are definitely higher!


Get married just as a couple or with your closest family. Whether you want to say "I do" in the mountains, on a sandy beach or in a forest clearing, I will work with you to create a beautiful concept to make your day unforgettable.

  • Nadja Osieka Photography
  • Solmomentos Mallorca Photography
  • Solmomentos Mallorca Photography
  • Solmomentos Mallorca Photography

Mallorca weddings

Get married under palm trees, on the beach or in a magical finca! It doesn't have to be just a dream! I will help you to make it come true. From caterers, locations or wedding speakers who speak German - I maintain a great network of professional wedding service providers on Mallorca and support you in the planning. I will show you the way how it is possible to organize a wonderful wedding even from 1300 km away. You don't need to speak English, you can sit back and relax and I am your contact person right here on site!


"you get, what you pay for"

You decide how much support is needed from me and how much time is required, and I know how grateful my bridal couples are for price transparency in the planning.
CHF 100.- / Std.