My Offer

Wedding Singer

Your Wedding
My goal is to make your most beautiful day even more emotional and create the best memories

Special Moments

Birthday, Baptism

Special Surprise

Engagement, Elopement

I love to surprise people and here you get the exclusive surprise package: the musical accompaniment for a special moment! My music equipment can be used anywhere, why not in a beautiful forest clearing or at the lake for a marriage proposal?

Tell it with music!


  • own equipment with a high-quality microphone from Shure
  • A system that can be used anywhere (requires no power connection) for the best flexibility
  • I work with high-quality instrumentals


  • Before your big day, we will go through the musical schedule together - by phone or in person
  • I will help you with the song selection (songs for the entrance, exit, before or after the YES-word or ritual)
  • I am in contact with the pastor or the responsible person on site
  • Structured organization is part of it
  • For setup & soundcheck I am on site 1-2 hours before the ceremony
  • On request I support you in the wedding planning (see additional service wedding planning)