Wedding Coordinator 

for a relaxed wedding day

Fotostudio Möhlin

what does a Wedding Coordinator ?

In contrast to a full-service wedding planner, a wedding coordinator "only" manages the wedding day.
the organizational matters, the daily schedule and the communication with the respective service providers on the wedding day are still mistakenly handed over to the best man or maid of honour.
But let's be honest: The best man/maid of honor cannot split up and stand by your side and coordinate the service providers and the entire day plan at the same time.
At least not in a stress-free and relaxed way!

When is a wedding coordinator an option?

to be honest-
for a perfect process always
  • From a number of guests of 30 +
  • If you don't want the maid of honor or one of the guests to have to take care of the details at the last minute
  • If you want to make sure that nothing is forgotten and that your wedding runs smoothly

My Service

On your big day, I have only one mission: to make you feel completely relaxed and comfortable! The wedding day is very intimate and emotional - that's why I attach great importance to the connection with the bridal couple. Since I have now been able to accompany several weddings and have been working in the industry for a long time, I know exactly what is important on your wedding day and I am at your side as a professional right hand.

How do I proceed?
I will have a preliminary meeting with you and you will give me all contacts of the service providers you have booked
  • Together we create your schedule on wedding day
  • A few weeks before your wedding, I contact all service providers and start the coordination and organization
  • I am the direct contact person for all guests & service providers
  • I will contact the location and visit it in advance
  • On your wedding day, I will be the first on site and coordinate the set-up with all service providers
  • I am always there for you and your guests on your day and take care of the perfect schedule
  • Guest support as the first point of contact during the day
  • Crisis management and improvisation in the event of unforeseen events
    Yes - unforeseen events unfortunately can happen. It's important to have someone on site to take care of it and keep cool 

Euer Vertrauen ist mir wichtig!


includes first meeting & getting to know each other (2h)
Event support
organization service provider
Coordination of guests & service providers
*language: swissgerman, german, english

half day (5h)
CHF 800 .- 
whole day (due12h)  
CHF 2000.-
additional hours
CHF + 200 .-